Profile: David Adelson of 20 Buck Spin

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dave adelson 20 buck spin

This week we have the distinct pleasure of speaking with none other than David Adelson of 20 Buck Spin. He’s a young-buck, handsome but not overwhelmingly so, at the tender age of 38. David can be found banging out e-mails behind his computer, scarfing down latte’s at the local coffee shop or just taking a leisurely stroll through Washington state with his trusty companion.

Throughout David’s career in music he’s worked at Necropolis Records and Alternative Tentacles. Since 2005 he’s been running his own label that puts out some incredible metal. 20 Buck Spin was originally started in San Francisco, where hills and shellfish abound but was recently moved to Olympia, WA. Just this year alone 20 Buck Spin released at least five albums that will be featured on nearly every writer’s end of the year list. (Including Vastum’s Hole Below, Ævangelist’s Enthrall to the Void of Bliss

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Best of 2015: Collin Simula of Maranatha

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It’s Christmas Eve, everyone. While we are excited about the concept of taking a day off from content tomorrow, we are even more excited about the next band featured in our Best of 2015 series. Today’s round brings you the very heavy Maranatha. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Maranatha is known for their exceptionally dense sludge doom metal. Or something. Who cares, categories are dumb. They’re heavy as hell. Anyway, vocalist/drummer/guitarist Collin Simula was gracious enough to share his favorite albums of 2015 with us. And we are eternally grateful to share them with you. 

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Album Review: Baroness – “Purple”

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Baroness - Purple - John BaizleyLong-time underground metal favorites Baroness have come forth with a long-awaited comeback record, Purple. After the devastating bus accident the band suffered in late 2012, no one was sure if we would ever again be graced with new Baroness. John Baizley and company have not merely survived the tragedy, but they have fought their way back to their craft with purpose, resolve, and strength.

Baroness has never been afraid to take chances and evolve as musicians. Some fans of their earlier records like First and Second or  even Red and Blue seem to have felt cheated by Baroness’ previous release Yellow and Green, the double album from 2012. It took me months to shake my disappointment in the band’s musical exploration on Yellow and Green to get to a point where I appreciated their growth and need to challenge themselves. I was worried that I would feel the same…

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