Circle Pit, Vol. IV, April 2016: “Are Music Reviews Dead?”

Nine Circles

nine circles circle pit

A few weeks ago, Noisey (everyone’s favorite internet-only police precinct) published this article which posed the question: are music reviews dead? We here at Nine Circles inevitably ended up having some internal dialogue about the relevancy, arrogance and conclusions of the piece. Essentially, the author goes all the way back to Lester Bangs, made popular and somehow lovable despite a history quite contrary by Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s portrayal in Almost Famous. The author supposes that Bangs’ era of journalism is the upper echelon of criticism — and that their superiority has been compromised by the dilution of their voice and sphere of influence as a result of access to blog-style publishing platforms. So this week we tackle that very same question:

From the perspective of both a writer and listener, are albums reviews still relevant?

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