Twilight Fauna tackles snake handling rituals, subjects of faith on ashy ‘Fire of the Spirit’

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Twilight FaunaEvery faith has its bizarre rituals that, if they arrived today, at this very moment, we’d write these people off as insane. Like, hey, I grew up Catholic, and we believe in actually devouring the flesh and blood of Jesus. That’s not weird? That’s not something that if, say, the Scientologists enacted today, most people wouldn’t be running to the social media machine to mock them?

With that in mind, one of the strangest and most dangerous rituals of modern times comes from our Pentecostal friends, who have embraced snake handling as a part of their faith. The practice isn’t widespread by any means, but for those congregations that observe it, these actions are seen as sacred and another step toward being that much closer to God (it is derived from myriad Biblical passages digested literally). Being that this practice hits close to home (regionally speaking) for Twilight Fauna’s Paul…

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