Album of the Day: Slaves BC – Lo, and I Am Burning

The Sound Not The Word


Label: The Fear and The Void Recordings

Released last week, Lo, and I Am Burning by Slaves BC sounds just as impressive now as when I first reviewed it in January. Full of disconcerting, unstable black metal, it possesses a raw emotional catharsis that is usually absent with such music, giving it a personal feel that helps it to stand out. Situated somewhere between the heaviest, most punishing strands of hardcore and genre-defying black metal band Plebian Grandstand, Lo, and I Am Burning is the sound of a band not so much coming in to their own, but demonstrating why anyone who hadn’t previously been paying attention to them had been missing out.

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Full disclosure, Josh Thieler (studio drummer, vocals) is an internet pal, a great supporter of his scene, and DeathCrawl’s one and only gig in Pittsburgh thus far was with Slaves BC. I loved their last album, 2016’s All Is Dust And I Am Nothing. The band’s line-up has seen some changes since then, and this release sees the band embracing more of the black metal influences that punctuated their 2016 effort. I’m not the biggest fan of black metal – most of it is just noise to me that quickly loses my interest. Bands like Slaves BC, however, that know how to shift moods, vibes, and accent their compositions with grade A hooks definitely succeed at grabbing my attention.

The album sounds great. The mix is perfect. Everything is sitting right where it needs to be and it’s heavy as iron balls. The tracks flow together without pause with a…

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Album Review: Slaves BC – “Lo and I Am Burning”

Nine Circles

Slaves BC Lo and I Am Burning

Pittsburgh blackened metallers Slaves BC are back with a new album, Lo and I am Burning, and it’s one that shows just how far a band can go to reinvent their sound in a relatively short time.  Slaves BC’s musical jump between their latest offering and 2016’s All is Dust and I Am Nothing is less a jump and more an oblique step, but in a way that highlights the maturation of the members through time spent refining their sound.

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Pittsburgh’s Slaves BC push into personal darkness, blackened sounds on ‘Lo, and I Am Burning’

Meat Mead Metal

There’s no question we live in dark times. Yeah, we joke around here a whole lot about Armageddon being right around the corner, but we all know we’re meant to suffer well into the future, with those in power dangling the carrot of fortune and comfort in front of our faces. It’s an easy era in which to be depressed or despondent, and that’s not to be taken lightly or in jest.

That has carried over onto Slaves BC’s second record “Lo, and I am Burning,” a nine-track assault that finds the band’s sound spilling more into death and black metal terrains than ever before. The follow-up to Biblically inspired “All Is Dust and I Am Nothing” drags the Pittsburgh-based band away from its more hardcore- and sludge-molded past and into heavy darkness, both musically and lyrically. Here, the band focuses on depression, suicide, loss, fracturing faith, and the current…

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