Clouds Collide allow grief and dark emotions to be tackled on gazey ‘They Don’t Sleep Anymore’

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Sadness and grief are things we cannot avoid, and at some point in our lives, we’ve all had to deal with these entities. The result can bring depression, anxiety, and hopelessness, all of which are pretty hard to shake, especially when it feels like you’ve had a gigantic cavern drilled into the center of your heart. Where we go from there depends on how we pull through.

Chris Pandolfo always has used his Clouds Collide project to delve deep into his soul, but never more so than on his third record “They Don’t Sleep Anymore.” This five-track offering has Pandolfo, the band’s only member, reflecting on the 10th anniversary of his mother’s passing as he himself stares 30 in the face. The record isn’t really about that thematically, as he said there isn’t an ongoing plot. Instead, it’s him digging through his emotions, his darkness, and creating music he…

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Review: Clouds Collide – They Don’t Sleep Anymore

The Sound Not The Word


Label: War Crime Recordings

Crossing genre lines as if they don’t exist, They Don’t Sleep Anymore is an intensely personal album. The latest Clouds Collide release pulls from post-black metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, post-punk, and shoegaze, They Don’t Sleep Anymore is – as that collection of reference points may imply – a sprawling, spacious, emotionally-laden album that isn’t too often musically heavy, but certainly is emotionally. As with previous Clouds Collide releases, it draws heavily from sole member Chris Pandolfo’s personal life; in this instance, dealing with a longing for the past, finding your sense of self in the present, and how you cope with that as you move forward in to the future. Whilst this could have easily made for an album that is difficult to listen to, instead They Don’t Sleep Anymore is remarkably cathartic, with its universal themes and gorgeous music granting it a surprising accessibility.

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