For those that don’t know, I’m in a couple bands.

If you are interested, I will discuss some of them here.





(2010 – Present)

I started Slaves BC at the end of 2010 with my two best friends. We never thought it would leave their basement. Eight years later, we have 8 releases (2 full lengths) under our belt.

The sound has drastically changed with our musical ability and roster changes. In 2010, we were adding a bit of sludge to our metalcore/post hardcore. In 2018 with the release of “Lo, and I Am Burning,” we play blackened and doomed death metal that draws comparisons to anyone from Lord Mantis and Indian to Dodecahedron and Portal.

This band is where I devote most of my attention as the lyricist, vocalist, and drummer. I run PR for the band through Cursed Breath PR, and I signed for LAIAB to my own label, The Fear and the Void Recordings.



Twilight Fauna

(2016 – Present)

Twilight Fauna was an accomplished one-man band that helped define the Appalachian Black Metal scene before I came along. Paul and I had formed a friendship over twitter with shared love of dogs, gravy, and music. Paul asked me to join Twilight Fauna as the drummer in 2016, and it just made sense.




(2018 – Present)

Arête is something a dream of mine to work with. The band is made up of the members of Evergreen Refuge, Deafest, Twilight Fauna, and myself. The band released an amazing EP before me and that is all that is currently available online. I recorded drums for their new full length which you should be hearing before the end of 2018.





(2018 – Present)

Mevrimna is a newer project between myself and Brandon (guitar, ex-bass of Slaves BC). This is darker and more experimental than Slaves BC.

Look for a cassette release soon from The Fear and the Void Recordings. For now, enjoy this nightmare of a single we released.





(2018 – Present)

CRSDBRTH is a solo project that is born out of necessity rather than ability. I do not know how to play guitar, record, or mix. But on those days when I don’t have the time to get together for one of the other bands, I do this. All recording is done in one take with writing or rehearsing beforehand. It is captured in the moment and will never be recreated.

There are two singles available digitally right now, with a few more on the way in summer of 2018. A cassette release of unreleased material will be available soon from The Fear and the Void Recordings.

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